Technicals — Production, Bottling In-House

Sept 2022

Technical winemaking, or specifically the technicals of winemaking, are often paraded around without much of the actual detail. Protected maybe, for fear of giving away too much, who knows. That aside, we see it differently.

These details, the technicals, are paramount to Moorak wines - even if they're a seemingly stale read.

Sharing knowledge is pivotal to a more inclusive industry too, which has always been important to Moorak. Gatekeeping has no place in progressive culture. 

And so, after each vintage, we aim to build on the processes. Investing in new gear that allows for technically better wine. This year multiple opportunities led us to further develop our in-house bottling line.

From scratch to carton, all under the same roof. The wine travelling all of twenty or so metres from tank to bottle.

This might be seen as just a logistical step forward, and for sure it is. But ultimately, we saw it as a way to maintain quality, especially in that final stage. Bottling poses one of the biggest challenges faced in a cellar. Limiting where the wine sees oxygen.


Despite also being in-house, our previous bottling line put the wines at risk of oxygen exposure. Variables in filling time and many stages done by hand, added risk of inconsistency. The new line means oxidative spoiling is preventable, across all stages in the line. 

Each bottle is vacuum filled, ensuring oxygen is removed. Plus consistent fill heights, through CO2 purging. Vacuum corked, pulls out the leftover oxygen and CO2 from the neck and that is a reduced oxidative process. Riveting stuff.

Beyond this, the fact that we have always produced and bottled our wines in-house, has been positive on our sustainable impact. Which is something we've been working on understanding, so we can implement progressively more sustainable processes.

Our in-house bottling line, despite being best for the consistency of quality within the wine, removes a huge amount of wasteful transportation and handling. By keeping things under one roof, we've managed to considerably maintain a small footprint.



Jordan Hein and the Moorak Wines community acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation. The aim is to support and develop the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Always was and always will be, Aboriginal Land.

Thank — You