Listening To
— Phil Rogers

March 2022

‘Listening To’ started as a way to share the selections and soundtracks, mixes and recordings, from the Moorak music community. Whether we're making wine or sharing it, music is a big part of Moorak. And as it turns out, some of our friends are into it too. 

This latest mix is by hometown legend, Phil Rogers. The man behind the iconic Cuckoo venue, that after a 7 year history, sadly closed its doors in 2014. A lot of Adelaide heads made life-long friendships and shared experiences at Cuckoo — a testament to Phil’s dedication to the live music community.

Genuine and forever down-playing his influence, we asked Phil if he’d like to record a mix - turns out we can’t do that without opening a few bottles of wine, whilst his partner and first-class home chef, Hannah, puts on a spread.

So here it is, our latest Listening To... under the influence and full bellied. Thank You Phil, its a cracker. Enjoy.



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Always was and always will be, Aboriginal Land.

Thank — You